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Important Notices 

Continuous Use Forms  

In response to the IRS moving to a "continuous use" format for certain tax forms (where the full year is not preprinted on the form), ComplyRight forms are transitioning. Over the coming months, forms will be gradually adjusted to include a blank "For calendar year" field for the four-digit year to be populated. Learn More

Contract Price Lists - Now Available!

Download and review the newly released 2023 Tax Pricelist and place your orders as soon as possible. You can find your 2023 Tax Pricelist under My Account and select Contract Pricing 

 2023 Catalogs are here! - Download Now!

2023 Tax Catalog - Large

2023 HR Solutions Catalog

2023 Healthcare Forms Catalog

2023 Tax Catalog for Customers

Federal Compliance Alert FSLA/EEOC Poster Change, May/June 2023

In June 2023, the EEOC released a revised “Know Your Rights” poster to include information about the protections under the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA).  Also, in May 2023, the Department of Labor released a mandatory update to the FLSA/Federal Minimum Wage poster, adding details regarding break times for nursing employees. Learn More

2023 Tax Form Updates

 2023 image/PDF files are ready!
Reminder: ACA form IRS releases is in October-November, we will keep you updated! If you have any questions/concerns please email us at INFO@COMPLYRIGHT.COM.

E-Filing Threshold Drop - Feb 2023

The IRS issued a new regulation mandating electronic filing for entities that file more than 10 information returns in a calendar year. Learn More

NY Mandatory Electronic Posting - Dec 2022

The State of New York passed a law requiring employers in the state to make mandatory workplace postings available to all employees via email or on the employer’s website.  Learn More

Labor Law Poster Changes by State

Our dedicated team of employment attorneys and legal researchers continually monitors and tracks posting changes across all federal, state, county and city government agencies in the U.S.  Sign up today!


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